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TLMA  provides the experience and resources necessary to achieve the process efficiencies, cost savings, and competitive advantages inherent in merger and acquisition activities.
Understanding an organization's readiness to pursue merger or acquisition activity is critical in ensuring competitive advantage in today's marketplace. Our readiness assessment programs take leveraged data to the next level, and identifies the readiness of people, process AND technology to facilitate successful acquisitions.

Corporate Acquisitions

TLMA offers a central place for companies looking for merger and acquisition opportunities. Small to medium size businesses are available for acquisition all across the United States...

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Private Equity Groups

Private Equity Groups (PEGs) are currently purchasing Middle Market businesses at record levels. Middle market companies typically have annual sales of $3 to $100 million, and values from $5 to $50 million...

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Venture Capital Firms

Our firm has worked with a variety of private capital sources including Accredited Investors, Small Business Investment Companies and both early- and later-stage equity...

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